Yet More Dangers in Obfuscation

With the meanings of words changing, and some words being given more power while others are given less, it comes as no surprise that a popular magazine would release an article that appears to attempt to normalize incest. 

This article go so far as to change the meaning of incest, however, softening it into genetic sexual attraction. This has been going on for decades, and has even been lampooned in a popular George Carlin rant. Adding softer language to something does not change what it is. Instead, it serves as a line of division with which someone can call themselves proper and another person improper. 

Beyond that, it blurs the lines yet again of hate speech. When will come, the first instance in which someone calls it incest, and another person gets offended because they were merely engaging in genetic sexual attraction?

The term “slippery slope” gets thrown around a lot, but in this case it is clear that we are on one.

Don’t fall.

Round and round, the Carousel…

It’s funny to think about, but everything in this world moves in a cycle.

Countries rise and fall, and give birth to new countries. Religions fade into mythology, and new ones pop up to take their place. It’s often been pointed out that the earth goes through heat and cooling cycles, though, those who have money to make from being green will tell you different(HINT: Al Gore’s house puts out between 10 and 21 times more emissions than the average home, depending on time of year)

Your life will move in cycles as well. It’s often said that when bad things happen, it’s because you’re paying now for good things happening later. Thing is, if you’re not ready to receive those good things, for example, because you’re a huge shitbag and won’t stop, then those good things might not cycle back to you. In all seriousness, though, have you noticed that when you are in service to others, your life is suddenly more prosperous?

This is something people have forgotten in corporate America. The higher your rank, the more people you are responsible for. Your duties are supposed to increase when you get promoted. Sadly, too many people get promoted and think it’s their ticket to be lazy and have their underlings pick up the slack. This then makes those hourly workers more stressed and worse at their jobs, which reflects badly on the lazy manager.

The term Garbage In, Garbage Out is a popular one along this same vein. It’s concerning just how much negativity is beamed into our homes via the 24-hour news cycle that we then take with us wherever we go. The foods we eat are often fairly negative for our bodies, too. Maybe it’s time to get back to basics.

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